Raven L. Veal, PhD



Academic Research


Depression Screening Using Smartphone Technologies: A Data-Driven Approach

This project aimed to: 1) identify and evaluate depression screening apps on their usefulness, usability, and integration and infrastructure; 2) explore the use of passively collected behavioral markers measured by GPS sensors to identify depressive symptom severity; and 3) formatively evaluate the usability a new depression screening mobile application using a clickable prototype approach. Read more here.

A Systematic Literature Review of Front-of-Pack (FOP) Labeling

This review addressed four questions: 1) What have we learned about use of the Nutrition Facts Panel (NFP) that may apply to FOP labeling?; 2) Are consumers able to accurately use the information presented on the NFP? 3) Can consumers use FOP labeling to select the more nutritious product?; 4) Do consumers change their purchasing behavior because of the use of FOP labels? Read more here.


Guest Posts