Raven Veal, PhD


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Transform the future of healthcare by putting patients, caregivers, providers, and end-users at the center of innovation. 

There are over 165,000 apps in the app store, yet less than 1% are used more than once, if at all. Why is this so? Many times, health products are created without the input of the audience it's designed for, resulting in solutions that fail to solve a real, human need.

My ultimate goal is to transform problems into meaningful, patient-centered solutions by including end-users in the creative process. In other words, making healthcare more human. 


About Me

Originally from Fort Worth, Texas, I studied psychology and health systems design at Texas A&M University and behavioral science at the University of Texas Health Science Center. I specialize in user research and design and am a member of the User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA). During my spare time, I write and produce music and short films.